From the 2014-2015 Editor-in-Chief of Confluence 

I’ve been asked to introduce myself to the AGLSP membership, and I’m pleased to do so.  I have published broadly. . .as poet, playwright, and writer of short fiction and have edited several journals. None of this, however, tells you how pleased I am to be working with AGLSP, having begun my editorship role on November 1 of this year.  This is something of a new role, though, in that Confluence now shifts from a “hard copy” publication to an online publication in its emerging, new life.

Beginning in 2015, Confluence will be led by an Editorial Board. I am pleased to announce the members of the inaugural editorial board:

Martha Banz, Ph.D. V.P, AGLSP (University of Oklahoma)

Joseph Chaney, Ph.D. English (Indiana University – South Bend)

John W. Freeman, Ph.D. Physics (Rice University)

Judith McKay, J.D., Ph.D. Conflict Resolution (Nova Southeastern University)

Amy Mossman, Ph.D. Rhetoric, Sustainability, Humanities (Western Illinois University)

Charles Sullivan, Ph.D. History (University of Dallas)

Because the Editorial Board, with all its expertise cannot cover submissions across all academic disciplines, others of you, on occasions, will be invited to serve as readers.  Each submission will always be presented to at least two readers for review.

The new “startup” edition of Confluence is currently scheduled for February 2015. With the journal’s two-year hiatus, it is possible that essays and/or creative work may have been overlooked.  Should you know of any such “wanderers,” please contact me at  And, to each of you:  I assure you that we, at your new Confluence, will strive to present you with a continuing academic journal of excellence.  For your personal interest and a broader introduction to your new editor, I invite you to view my personal webpage, (still undergoing light construction).

Happy Holidays and best wishes,

Gary D. Swaim, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Confluence