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Midwestern Graduate Liberal Studies Conference – April 9th

Midwest imageClick here for details.

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The AGLSP Newsletter is Here!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the AGLSP newsletter!  Click below to read the Spring 2016 issue.

AGLSP Newsletter 2016 Cover

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Welcome New Members!

Welcome New Student/Alumni Members for 2016!

– Estibaliz Emma Arriage Hall – AGLSP National Honor Society Inductee (alumna, Rice University)
– Diana Miller (Southern Methodist University)
– Deborah Fuller (almuna, North Carolina State University)
– Robert F. La Raia – AGLSP National Honor Society Inductee (alumni, Rice University)
– Steven Burr (alumni, Loyola College)
– Oscar Clayton Lilienstern – AGLSP National Honor Society Inductee (alumni, Rice University)
– Rebecca Lilienstern – AGLSP National Honor Society Inductee (alumna, Rice University)
– Eneida M. Patricolo (Pace University)
– Adrlan Ormsby (alumni, University of Michigan)
– Rocco Astore (alumni, CUNY: College of Staten Island)

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Annual Faculty Award Nominations due March 31st

The 2015 AFA was awarded to Professor Francis Ambrosio of Georgetown University. Professor Ambrosio is Director of the Doctoral Program in Liberal Studies and Associate Professor at Georgetown University. Dr. Ambrosio’s main research interests are in the areas of hermeneutics and Decontruction, especially the work of Hans-George Gadamer and Jacques Derrida. Dr. Ambrosio’s acceptance remarks can be found here. The AGLSP is grateful to Georgetown University for nominating him.

Nominations for the 2016 award are now open and the deadline is March 31, 2016. Click here for the 2016 Call for Nominations

The AGLSP Annual Faculty Award is offered each year by the Association to honor an outstanding faculty member who teaches within graduate liberal studies (GLS). The award was established by the Association’s Board of Directors in 1991 to recognize outstanding faculty who exemplify the qualities of interdisciplinary, liberal teaching and who have participated significantly in teaching or advising students and/or have actively participated in other faculty service in a graduate liberal studies program.

The award is a prestigious recognition of an individual associated with a member program who has made a considerable contribution to interdisciplinary liberal studies teaching and advising. The recipient will receive a plaque and $1,000 cash award at the Association’s Annual Conference and will make a brief presentation upon receiving the award. Recipient’s conference registration and lodging are provided by the Association; the recipient’s home program is responsible for transportation and additional expenses. The recipient’s remarks will be posted on the AGLSP website.

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AGLSP National Honor Society

We are pleased to announce that we have three institutions who have officially formed an AGLSP National Honor Society of Graduate Liberal Studies Chapter.

We welcome the University of Memphis, Southern Methodist University and Rice University.  We look forward to honoring their graduates. To learn more about the AGLSP National Honor Society, and how to form a chapter, click here.

AGLSP National Honor Society Chapters

University of Memphis
Southern Methodist University
Rice University

AGLSP National Honor Society Inductees
Estibaliz Emma Arriaga Hall – Rice University
Robert F. La Raia – Rice University
Oscar Clayton Lilienstern –  Rice University
Rebecca Lilienstern –  Rice University

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Confluence Award Nominations Due February 29th


The 2016 Confluence Award Call for Nominations is now open and the deadline to submit has been extended to February 29th. Please click here for details and be sure to post and circulate.

The members of the AGLSP board and the Editorial Board of Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies are pleased to announce the 2016 Confluence Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing along with the Confluence Award for Excellence in Creative Writing. The first award celebrates interdisciplinary inquiry as the central intellectual practice of Graduate Liberal Studies and critical writing as a foundational tool of graduate study. The second award celebrates creative writing as a form of inquiry, art, and expression. The winning pieces will be published in our on-line journal in the fall 2016 issue XI. The authors will each receive a prize of $500 and will be invited to attend the 2016 Annual Conference in Oklahoma City.

Congratulations to our previous Confluence Award Winners.

Kristy Anne Wells, nominated by John Freeman, Rice University – Excellence in Creative Writing – “Oklahoma Daughters”

Matthew David Arnold, nominated by Donna Zapf, Duke University – Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing  – “The Relentlessly Perfect Family: The Obamas as a Reflection of America”

You can read their essays on the Confluence journal website.

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Annual Letter from the AGLSP President

Subject: Report of the annual conference and business meeting

Dear AGLSP Members,

I am pleased to report yet another successful annual conference, Place Matters, in San José, California. Linda Paulson and Michelle Bennett were outstanding hosts, presenting an excellent program with 130 attendees and guests including 54 student and faculty speakers.  Please follow this link to the post-conference survey to give us your feedback: Your feedback helps us plan the next conference.

At the 2015 Annual Business Meeting, the following matters were addressed:

  • We thank outgoing board members John Freeman (Rice University) for his leadership on the membership committee, Tim Boylan (Winthrop University) for serving as Treasurer, and Marylu Hill (Villanova University) for her service as member at large. The membership voted in new board members Michael Garval (North Carolina State University) as Treasurer and John Logie (University of Minnesota), Wole Ojurongbe (Dartmouth University), and Rebecca Sharp Sanchez (Rice University) as members at large.
  • The membership voted to approve changes to the AGLSP constitution that eliminate two levels of institutional membership (full and associate) and replace those with one level of institutional membership with all privileges. These changes will become active January 1, 2016.
  • Under the direction of Editor Gary Swaim and web consultant Damien Ydoyaga, Confluence successfully made the transition from paper to online format (  Web analytics indicated 218 visits to the web page and 850 page views during the first two days the new issue was available. During 2015 we also created an Editorial Board which serves to assist with manuscript review and selection of the Confluence Writing Award winners.
  • AGLSP is now in a position to continue the process of increasing the vitality and viability of Confluence by initiating systematic procedures for filling the roles of editor and editorial board. The Executive Board will post an open call for applications for the position of Editor of Confluence by November 25. Applications will be due January 15, decision to be made by March 15. Faculty members interested in serving on the Editorial Board should contact the AGLSP office.
  • Confluence Awards for the 2014 calendar year were announced:

    • Kristy Anne Wells nominated by John Freeman, Rice University, Excellence in Creative Writing
    • Matthew David Arnold nominated by Donna Zapf, Duke University, Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing

                Nominations for the 2016 Confluence Writing Awards will be accepted until January 31, 2016.
                 Click here for the guidelines.

  • Nominations for the 2016 Annual Faculty Award are now open. Guidelines can be found here. We congratulate the recipient of the 2015 award, Professor Francis J. Ambrosio (Georgetown University).
  • Responding to requests from the membership, AGLSP has created a listserv for institutional members ( and a Facebook page that members and students and friends are welcome to join (
  • At last year’s meeting, AGLSP approved the creation of a student honor society. At this year’s meeting Michele Mrak released the procedural details about institution and AGLSP roles in creating an honors society on your campus. More information can be found at here.
  • Finally, the AGLSP Executive Board instituted Student Presentation Awards to be decided at the annual conference. The winners of the 2015 presentation will be announced shortly.
  • The annual conference continues to be a highlight of membership in the AGLSP. In addition to gaining useful information in running your programs and exploring provocative session topics, networking with fellow directors is invaluable. Please plan to join us next year in Oklahoma City, October 20-22, 2016, as we explore Tradition and Transformation:…. Oklahoma University’s MALS program will host the conference. Details will be coming your way shortly.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Signature
Deborah Finkel, PhD

President, AGLSP
Director, MIS Program
Indiana University Southeast

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Dr. Francis J. Ambrosio, of Georgetown University is our 2015 Annual Faculty Award Winner!

The AGLSP is delighted to announce and congratulate Dr. Francis J Ambrosio of Georgetown University as the recipient of the 2015 Annual Faculty Award! Dr. Ambrosio’s remarks can be found here.  Dr. Ambrosio received his award at the Friday evening conference banquet flanked by his Georgetown colleagues! Nominations for the 2016 award are now open. Click here for the 2016 guidelines.


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New Confluence Issue available!

Congratulations to all contributors and mentors! Click here for the dedicated journal website.

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Pay Your Dues On-Line!

Click here to pay your membership dues.

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