SESSION I: Friday, 9:00–10:30

Individualism, Collectivism, and Social Commons

Moderator: Colin Chapell

Andrea O'Connor, Dartmouth College

Mindfulness and Human Exceptionalism

Hussain Al-Ismail, Johns Hopkins University

Individualism as a Form of Collectivism

Dawn Carpenter, Georgetown University

The Theological Nature of Work and Wealth as the Basis of Contributive Justice and the Moral Foundation for a New Social Contract


Exploring Technological Commons

Moderator: Jerry Van Hoy

Lela  Ali, Duke University 

Social Network Analysis of Muslim-led Networks in the Triangle Region of North Carolina 

Stacey Szydlik Hudson Rice University

Carl Jung's Persona and Social Network Sites Facebook and Instagram

Jennifer Carter, San Diego State University

Non-Binary Code: Gender, Posthumanism, and Technologies of Power


Feminine Explorations of Common Ground

Moderator: TBA

Shannon M. Kula, Georgetown University

Defying the Odds: The Collegiality and Stewardship of the Bipartisan Women of the U.S. Senate

Esosa Frances Mohammed, East Tennessee State University

Standing on Common Ground to Advance Sociocultural Change for Marginalized Women

Richard Hackmann, Stanford University

Gospel of Thomas Saying 114: Misogyny or Misunderstanding?


Nonphysical Places of Common Ground

Moderator: Steven A. Burr

Carmen Ann Huxley, Mount Saint Mary's University

Communal Role of Melancholy

Kristina Kwacz, SUNY Empire State College

Finding Common Ground in Reinterpreting the Past

Gene Slater, Stanford University

The Meaning of Place and the Loss of Place: Drawing from Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent


Finding Common Ground in Literature

Moderator: Ana Thorne

Joy  Hunter Austin, University of Memphis

Finding Hopeful Possibilities in a Divided World

Maxwell Anthony, St. John's College

Chasing After Larks: the Give and Take of Plato's Euthydemus

Jordana Rozenman, St. John's College

Literature for Human Beings 

SESSION II: Friday, 10:45–12:15

Uncommon Implications in Birth and Aging

Moderator: Michael Garval

Pam Fox Kuhlken, San Diego State University

The Last Woman's Bio-Ethics: Contra-Ception for Sustainability in the Sixth Extinction

Tamara Taylor, Dominican University of California

From Revolution to the Curtailing of Abortion Rights in El Salvador

Eric Rausch, Rice University

Exploring Gender Variation for Coping Strategies in Aging and Health Associations


Lyrical Portrayals of (Un)Common Experience

Moderator: TBA

Emmeline Miles, Southern Methodist University

Writing to Reach You: Therapeutic Songwriting and Proactive Treatment of Trauma in Early Childhood

Michael Breger, Stanford University

A Bird in the Bush is Worth One in the Mind: Thoreau and Sonic Co-Presence 

Alison Morrow, Johns Hopkins University

Princes and Wolves: Global storytelling in the K-pop band 2PM's "My House" music video


Exploring Nationalistic Commons

Moderator: Rebecca Sharp Sanchez

Bryon L. Garner, Johns Hopkins University

Pride and Prejudice:  The Cult of American Patriotism

Marja Karelia, Simon Fraser University

Common Ground through Musical Nationalism: The Significance of National Anthems from the Marseillaise to the Star-Spangled Banner

Cristina Ortiz-Merodio, Rice University

Common Heritage.   Spain's Decisive Role in the American Revolution.


Finding Common Ground in the Liberal Arts

Moderator: Tom Cook

Elisabeth Liebert, LSU Shreveport

Finding Common Ground between the Liberal Arts and the Local Business Community

Siobhan Craft Brownson, Winthrop University

Literary Genre as Common Ground - The Contemporary World Novel and Interdisciplinarity

Jordan Poyner, St. John's College

The Man of Many Ways vs. The Way of Many Men


Common Ground in Social Justice

Moderator: Steven A. Burr

Siddhartha Shome, Stanford University

Gandhi's and King's Conceptions of Freedom: Difference in Commonality

Jesa Townsend, Johns Hopkins University

Social Justice, How Dangerous

Thomas Jordan, Georgetown University 

Brennan v. Thomas - "Heed The Rising Voice?"


Common Ground and Common Good in Liberal Education

Moderator: Tara White Kee

Casey Carpenter, Dartmouth College 

In Defense of the Liberal Arts

Colin Chapell, University of Memphis

I Messed Up: Finding Common Ground by Sharing Failures with Students

Meredith C. Busch, Johns Hopkins University

Greener Gables: The Historical and Popular Significance of the Feminine Utopia in "Anne of Green Gables" 

SESSION III: Friday, 1:30–3:00

Public Space as Common Ground

Moderator: Christopher Pastore

Sapna Marfatia, Stanford University

Stanford's Main Quad: "Relic or Relevant" in Discourse and Community Engagement Today?

Ashley BrookeHawkins, Reed College 

Wrong Place, Wrong Time: The Militarization of Public Spaces 

Lauren E. Cooper, University of Pennsylvania

Coworking in the Cultural Sector and How to Value It


Common Access to Educational Opportunity

Moderator: Tom Cook

Naomi Sigler Hunter, Stanford University

Data, Disruption and Demographics: How School Ratings are Contributing to Educational Apartheid in the U.S. 

Stephanie Jean Jares, North Carolina State University

The Impact of the Potential Dissolution of DACA on Higher Education and DACA Qualified College Students

Michael Benson, Johns Hopkins University

"Every Epoch Requires a Fresh Start": Daniel Coit Gilman and the Birth of the Modern American Research University


Cinematic Portrayals of  (Un)Common Experience

Moderator: Ana Thorne

Tanya Y. Lewis, Johns-Hopkins University 

How America's Obsession with Comic Book Movies Reveals a Universal Subconscious Need to be Rescued

Stewart Reid Parker, San Diego State University 

TV Eye: Paranoia, Fear, and Couch Potatoes in Thomas Pynchon's "The Crying of Lot 49"

Sabine Hoskinson, Dartmouth College

Skylines, Window Bars, and Maid's Rooms:  Class Divides in O Som ao Redor


Aesthetic Identifications of the Common

Moderator: Jill LeRoy-Frazier

Cathy Collis, Simon Fraser University

Common People, High Art: Caravaggio and the Courtesan

Eden Reff-Presco, Georgetown University

The Path toward Racial Equity is Paved by Art: Race, Identity, and Agency through the lens of Artistic Narratives

Wayne Gilbert, Rice University

The Distance Between


Crossing Borders to Find Common Ground

Moderator: Michael Garval

Kim E. Gudmundson, Stanford University

Fish, Cans and War

Michele D. Walfred, University of Delaware

Truth or Tactic: Fear imagery and the mid-19th century immigrant

Coleen L. Geraghty, San Diego State University

Homeland Insecurity: How Syrian Women Refugees are Rebuilding Their Lives in Trump's America


Common Access to Health in Uncommon Conditions

Moderator: Rebecca Sharp Sanchez

Jesse Hamilton, University of Pennsylvania

Moral Injury in War and Society's Obligations to the Morally Injured

Nancy L. Glass, Rice University

Would physician participation in lethal injection protect the condemned inmate's 8th amendment rights?

Sara Grabenhofer, Johns Hopkins University

Psychological Abuse is Virtually Unrecognized Under Illinois State and Federal Domestic Violence Law Leaving Women Who Share Custody of Children With Their Abuser Vulnerable to Further Cruelty

SESSION IV: Friday, 3:15–4:45

Communal Data and Solidarity

Moderator: TBA

Kris Workman, University of Washington - Tacoma

Introducing non-economic values into Data Policy

Andrea Restle-Lay, North Carolina State University

Visi-Trash - Reducing waste through data tracking and public engagement

Gregory George  Guthrie, Georgetown University

Labor Solidarity in the Government Shutdown of 2018-2019 


Possibilities for a Transcendent Common Ground

Moderator: Steven A. Burr

Leena A. Ali, San Diego State University 

Organizing and Moving Beyond the Nation-State

David Vosburg, Johns Hopkins University

Heresy, Prophesy and Community: Power and the Subversive Potential of Ideas

Courtney Harbour, Southern Methodist University

A Divine Examination of Our Personal Truths & Collective Identities 


Commonality and Inclusion in Nigeria

Moderator: TBA

Oluwafisayo Ogundoro, East Tennessee State University

Defying All Odds, The Need for Female Inclusion in the Nigerian Technology Sector.

Tobi OLoyede, East Tennessee State University

Chinua Achebe's Anthills of the Savannah: Women and the Politics of Inclusion in Nigeria.


Societal Health as Common Good

Moderator: TBA

Simon Cleveland, Georgetown University and Marisa Cleveland, Northeastern University

Toward Understanding How Cultural Agility Leads to Civil Discourse

Samson Wonnah, East Tennessee State University

Health and Culture: Finding Opportunities in Local Interpretations


Incarceration and (Un)Common Ground

Moderator: Jerry Van Hoy

Anastasia Lowenthal, Johns Hopkins University 

More than Credit: The Personal Value of Correctional Education to American Inmates

Xinyi  Lu, San Diego State University

Uncovering Gendered Violence Through Self Protection in Prisons in the United States

SESSION V: Saturday, 10:45–12:15

Black Explorations of Common Ground

Moderator: Jill Leroy-Frazier

Karyn Harrington, Johns Hopkins University

Chanteur Couture: Michael Jackson's Influence on Black Politics

Kayla  Bloodgood, Duke University 

Mapping Harlem: Destabilizing Racial Identity and Solidarity in "The City of Refuge"

Gina Haney, Stanford University

"Unfinished Business": The Rise of Township Tourism in Southern Africa

Educating toward Common Good

Moderator: Rebecca Sharp Sanchez

Adam Reed, St. John's College

A Holistic Educational Philosophy to Create An Ethical Transformation that Strengthens our Common Ground

Joo Won Lee, American University of Kuwait

The Speed of the Digital Era and Creative Education of Slow Learners

C. Thomas  Behrman, Rice University

The Real 'Tragedy of the Commons': Privatization, the Cancer on Public Education Reform