Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs

National Honor Society

AGLSP National Honor Society

The AGLSP National Honor Society of Graduate Liberal Studies

Symbol:  Owl in an olive tree.  Symbol associated with Athena, goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology

Motto:  Artes liberale regnat The liberal arts reign


  • To recognize the scholarly achievement of graduate students and scholars in liberal studies programs across the United States and Canada
  • To serve as a vehicle for the promotion of liberal studies programming on campuses
  • To provide a network of graduate students and scholars in liberal studies nation-wide

Procedure for forming a chapter:

To form a chapter, an institution must:

  • offer a master’s and/or doctorate of liberal studies degree
  • hold regional accreditation
  • the degree-granting institution must be a member of the AGLSP

The institution must complete the electronic chapter application (see below).

Honor Society Guidelines

Online Institutional Chapter Application

Chapters will have the following responsibilities as part of the AGLSP Honor Society:

  • In the semester prior to graduation, the chapter’s GLS office will create a list of all graduates who have achieved a 3.75 GPA.
  • The chapter institution will send the names of high achieving students to institutional faculty who vote on whether or not the graduate warrants recognition for academic integrity and leadership. Membership in this honor society is a privilege rather than a right. The local chapter has the right to add and define additional criteria for membership as it sees fit.
  • Once the faculty votes are tallied, the Dean/Director provides the AGLSP with the names of the potential, new inductees and sends a letter of invitation to join, along with information about how to join the AGLSP Honor Society.
  • Only those graduates who officially join are inducted into the AGLSP Honor Society by their local chapter with their host institution.

Deadlines –

For Spring graduation, all inductees must be reported by the degree-granting institution by April 30 or sooner (depending on your scheduled graduation date)

For Summer graduation, all inductees must be reported by the degree-granting institution by August 1.

For December graduation, all inductees must be reported by the degree-granting institution by November 30.


The AGLSP Honor Society is open to liberal studies graduates who have met the criteria set by the member institution and the AGLSP Honor Society. The member institution must have an AGLSP approved chapter. The criteria is as stated: Students who have earned a minimum of 3.75 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale, have at least 24 credits toward their master’s, doctoral degree or 16 credits toward a certificate of advanced graduate study. They will have demonstrated leadership in the classroom and in the greater community, and have been selected, approved and invited to join the Honor Society by their enrolling institution.


  • Discounted registration fee at annual AGLSP Conference as long as inductee remains a member in good standing.
  • Access to Confluence, the Journal for the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies programs, which is a members only journal. Members are eligible to submit work for publication
  • Wear gold cords at graduation (ordered/supplied by the regional institutional graduation/administration).
  • Honors indication on degree transcript if the degree-granting institution bestows this recognition.

NOTE: Chapter Institutions must confirm with their own Registrar’s office to confirm that this is possible.


As an Honor Society Alumna/us member, inductees will pay a national membership fee of $45. The fee pays for a certificate, one year of national membership, and a subscription to Confluence, the AGLSP online journal. There are no institutional fees associated with membership as a chapter institution. However, the chapter institution is responsible for ordering honors gold cards through the local regalia company.

The annual membership renewal fee is $25 and is required to be an active member and receive full benefits of membership for one year.  Graduates will be listed on the AGLSP website as new members the year they are initially inducted.

The chapter institution is responsible for ordering honors gold cords through the local regalia company.

AGLSP National Honor Society Chapters

North Carolina State University
Harvard University Extension School
Arizona State University
Wesleyan University
University of Toledo
SUNY Empire State College
East Tennessee State University
Loyola University Maryland
Indiana University Southeast
University of St. Thomas
University of Memphis
Southern Methodist University
Rice University

AGLSP National Honor Society Inductees

LaGail Davis, Southern Methodist University
Ken Armentrout III, Southern Methodist University
Deborah Thompson, The University of Memphis
Vickie Mann, Indiana University Southeast
Tabitha Tolbert, Indiana University Southeast
Kathy Johnson, Rice University
Jade Bilyeu, Indiana University Southeast
Leslie Davis, Rice University
Patsy Liao, Rice University
Rowland Robinson, Southern Methodist University
Howard L. Vestal, Southern Methodist University
Hope Holz, Southern Methodist University
Richard Rejino, Southern Methodist University
Heather Hunt, Southern Methodist University
Emmeline Miles, Southern Methodist University
Michelle Trejo, Rice University
Susan Marie Center, Southern Methodist University
Chew Ngee Tan, Rice University
Stephanie Tsuru, Rice University
Andrew Marcum, Rice University
Diane Arens Glick, Rice University
JinHe Susie Upshaw, Southern Methodist University
Theresa M. Garza, Southern Methodist University
Ena Janet Saavedra, Southern Methodist University
Terra M. Johnson, Southern Methodist University
Rebecca H. Tirrell, Rice University
Linda K. Allison, Rice University
Amy Dahmann, Southern Methodist University
Mattie Fly, The University of Memphis
Nancy Manderson, Rice University
Boston Ross, Southern Methodist University
Ali Garcia-Voissem, Southern Methodist University
Bettye Heath, Southern Methodist University
Bart Crowder, Southern Methodist University
Smruti Khandwala, Southern Methodist University
Joan L. Clark, Southern Methodist University
Sarah Jane Semrad, Southern Methodist University
Vicki M. Salley, Rice University
Sharron L. Hunt, Southern Methodist University
Leon Monzon, Southern Methodist University
Erin Edgington, Rice University
Vanna Ngo, Southern Methodist University
Joyce A. Wilson, The University of Memphis
Thomas Kromis, Southern Methodist University
Harmon L. Jolley, The University of Memphis
Patti Tenenbaum, Southern Methodist University
Diane E. Jay, Southern Methodist University
Julie L. Day, Southern Methodist University
Andrew Williams, The University of Memphis
Laurie Kay, The University of Memphis
Emily Melonas, The University of Memphis
Mary Lynn Fernau, Rice University
Mary V. Gresik,  Rice University
Elizabeth Grzebinski, Rice University
Cheryl Thompson, Rice University
Estibaliz Emma Arriage Hall, Rice University
Robert F. La Raia, Rice University
Oscar Clayton Lilienstern, Rice University
Rebecca Lilienstern, Rice University