2016 AGLSP Annual Conference – Tradition and Transformation

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October 20 – 22, 2016
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hosted by The University of Oklahoma

The halls of academe pulse with traditions stretching back to the Middle Ages, leading some critics to view it as a change-resistant monolith. But tradition in and of itself is neither binding nor blinding and, in its best form, is an energizing force for transformation. Furthermore, many of today’s most vexing cultural concerns stand at the nexus between tradition and transformation, as differing interpretations of the past and differing visions
for the future compete to achieve dominance. During the 2016 AGLSP conference, therefore, we will explore the dynamic interplay between these two very important forces – tradition and transformation – in the arts, the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences.

We invite papers that examine various disciplines’ traditions or that explore the radical, or even subtle, transformations unfolding within and across disciplines. Of particular interest are proposals that consider how interdisciplinary perspectives inform both tradition and transformation, not only within academia but also within cultures, communities, and world at large. Engage in lively discussions as we seek to honor tradition while not being bound by it, as we embrace change while preserving the best of our past, and as we engage new forms of learning made possible through emergent technologies. Join us in Oklahoma City, where a pioneering tradition is transforming the urban landscape.


Photos from our 2016 Conference