Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs

AGLSP Virtual Directors' Meeting

The AGLSP Virtual
Directors' Workshop

In 2017, the AGLSP piloted a Directors’ Workshop using the online tool GoToMeeting. The online workshop format offered faculty and staff easy access and participation at the reasonable cost of $30 per session. All interested directors, faculty and staff from your program are able to participate.

The workshop was designed in three sessions organized around the development, participation in and analysis of three institutional member surveys. The reports and the compiled data supplied to all institutional members are an invaluable tool for your strategic and operational planning, budget meetings and other institutional initiatives.
The surveys you helped develop in the workshop will be used to collect information about programs and issues
of concern to programs in the future.

  • The first workshop session focused on General Program Information and Structure, Funding and Finances, and Student Demographics.

  • The second workshop session was to focus on Curriculum and Outcomes, and Alumni.

  • The final workshop session was to focus on Challenges, Threats and Opportunities, and Marketing.