Annual Conference

The AGLSP Annual Conference explores issues of both academic and societal concern, and offers students and faculty opportunities to present their research. Learn more.

Confluence: The Journal of the AGLSP

Confluence is a publishing opportunity for students and faculty, showcasing the interdisciplinary essays as well as creative work. Confluence offers annual writing awards and supports a blog for the ongoing sharing of ideas and writing related to graduate liberal studies. Learn more.

National Honor Society

The AGLSP National Honor Society is open to liberal studies students who have met the criteria set by the member institution and the AGLSP Honor Society. The member institution must have an AGLSP approved chapter. The criteria are: Students who have earned a minimum of 3.75 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale, have at least 24 credits toward their master’s, doctoral degree or 16 credits toward a certificate of advanced graduate study. They must have demonstrated leadership in the classroom and in the greater community, and have been selected, approved and invited to join the Honor Society by their enrolling institution. Learn more.

Student Symposia

Student-centered, regional annual symposia have proven to be an effective and stimulating way to foster scholarship, offer students and alumni presentation opportunities, recognize outstanding student work, and build community among GLS students, alumni, and faculty across programs. Learn more.