Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs

Student Conference

Student Forum

To support students throughout our member programs, we are also pleased to announce preliminary details for a ‘Student Forum’ workshop series that will take place throughout the 2017/18 academic year. Designed to offer students and recent alumni all the benefits of the in-person conference experience, the AGLSP Virtual Conference – Student Forum will consist of three phases: ‘Pre-Conference,’ to be held in October/November 2017; ‘Conference,’ to be held in February/March 2018; and ‘Post-Conference,’ to be held in May/June 2018. Each phase will consist of both static and interactive information regarding all aspects of the conference experience – from developing a concept and writing an abstract, through presenting work, to manuscript revision toward publication. Additionally, each phase will also feature ongoing online engagement activities – such as submission and evaluation of sample abstracts, ‘live’ paper presentations, curated online poster sessions, online ‘coffee house’ discussion forums and Q&A sessions, and opportunities to submit work for review and possible publication.